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We are here to empower and support expectant families in Salt Lake City, Utah, by providing a sanctuary of care and expertise at our birth center. We are committed to celebrating the beauty of normal physiological birth, offering a transformative and personalized pregnancy and birth experience that honors the uniqueness of each journey. Through compassionate guidance and unwavering dedication, we aim to redefine the standard of excellence in midwifery care, fostering a community where every birth is embraced as a truly extraordinary moment

Sego Birth Suite & HOME BIRTH Package

Midwifery Care:

Investment: Birth Suite $6,300 Homebirth $5,900

We offer evidence-based midwifery model prenatal, postnatal and birth care to low risk women. Most women should presume they are low risk until they are discovered not to be. Package pricing includes:


• Prenatal visits monthly, bi-monthly from 28-36 weeks, and weekly from
36 weeks to birth
• Home visit at 36 weeks (home birth only)
• On call midwifery 24/7, beginning at 37 weeks, and continuing until 72
hours postpartum
• Routine lab work
• Medically recognized imaging/anatomy scan performed at Sego
Midwifery office or partner location. The imaging performed by experienced
techs/radiologists around 20 weeks.
• Use of birth pool, and most related supplies (home birth)
• Birth supply package (home birth)


• Initial home visit 24-48 hours. Well-baby and maternal assessment.
 State mandated newborn/metabolic screen performed at this visit (if you choose).
Birth Certificate filed and Social Security Card ordered.
• Second home visit between 7 and 14 days. Well baby and maternal
assessment performed. State mandated second newborn/
metabolic screen will be performed. Weight and jaundice checks, hearing and CCHD/heart screen (if you choose).
• Office visit 5-8 weeks postpartum. 
* If other visits and tests (i.e., bilirubin check or lactation support) are indicated, these are billed
separately. If you employ pediatric care during the postpartum period, we
do not adjust the fee schedule.

OUr Sego Birth Suite & HOME BIRTH Package


Sego Lily Midwifery does not direct bill insurance carriers. Some clients
have had success receiving reimbursement from their carriers. We can
provide you with a Super Bill upon request at the end of care with the global
service code. You are responsible for submitting this to your
insurance company. We will support your effort to the best of our ability as
a courtesy, but it will be your responsibility to interface with your insurance
company and we do not itemize. Call your insurance early to verify benefits and provider coverage
and contact Heather for her NPI number. Some clients have received in-network reimbursement with Blue Shield California & out-of-network provider for BCBS Regence, UHC and Cigna.
We readily accept HSA and FSA. For those without health insurance, consider Community Health Share Organizations such as; Christian Healthcare Ministries, Solidarity, Liberty
Health Share, and Samaritan Ministries. These have been consistent
We accept cash, check, VENMO, ApplePay or credit card payments. Cash/
Check is preferred method to avoid fees to the practice. We are open to
accepting Crypto in form of Bitcoin and is accepted/not accepted at the
discretion of the practice based on market conditions.

Payment Schedule

A $975 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your due date,
accomplish labs, ultrasound and care to 28 weeks. Another $1925
(home) or $2300 (Sego Birth Suite) payment is require on or before
your 28 week visit with the balance to be paid in full by 36, when we
go on 24/7 call for your birth.
* Ask about exclusive prenatal home visits inside Salt Lake County
for $7000. Outside Salt Lake County for $8000. This is where we
drive to you for your prenatal visits.


Doula and Monitrice


We have a network of women offering labor and birth coaching/support in and out of hospital settings.

For women who may not be candidates for home or birth center birth but who
want home or birth center experienced attendants during their hospital
experience, we can recommend skilled birth attendants to serve as non-clinical coaches while
deferring clinical responsibility to your chosen maternity care provider.

Doula or monitrice support is strongly recommended for first time vaginal or first time non-medicated birth clients.

We also offer or refer postpartum assistance in your home for the first few days and weeks after birth. Support with breastfeeding, light chores, newborn care and/or entertaining siblings are all provided so mother can rest.
*Fees customized based on needs and requested time.


Childbirth Education 


We are currently referring to HypnoActive Birth and Mighty Mama Movement

Classes are strongly recommended/ required for first time
vaginal or first time non-medicated birth clients.


Birth Options Education / Consultation

This is a free informational service to educate you on your many wonderful birth options in Utah and may include processing of your prior birth, if you would like.

This is a complimentary office visit, virtual, or phone consultation.


Breastfeeding Support

Why go to the hospital for lactation consultation in those first fragile days
postpartum? Skilled midwives specializing in lactation support come to your
home in the first days/weeks offering breastfeeding support, tips and strategies
for problems at the breast. We refer clients to credentialed Lactation Consultants
for more complex cases.
* $75- $150


Heather is such an amazing and inspiring woman. She is super knowledgeable and a genuinely nice person. In my opinion, having the right midwife is the most important thing when having a home birth and I obsessed trying to find the right one until I found her. My home birth was magical and life changing and it wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for her and her assistant Stephanie. I try to avoid medication as much as possible and I appreciate the fact that she recommended several natural remedies and specific food options throughout my pregnancy, specially towards the end of my pregnancy when my water broke and I didn’t have any contractions. I did what she said and had my baby a few hours after. She made me feel like I had a choice with several medical procedures and always gave me alternatives. She always goes above and beyond and I will forever be grateful for everything she did for me and the way she made me feel.

- Sandra S.


Heather is a truly magnificent midwife who deserves more than a five star review. From consultation to prenatal care to the birth of our third child with her, I never doubted that we chose the right care provider for our family. Heather and her birth assistant, Stephanie are a well oiled machine; I couldn’t ask for a better team to have made sure we were well taken care of.
Our birth was beautiful and perfect in everyway.
We are so happy with the care we received.
If you want to feel safe and secure at your home birth, you won’t regret going to Sego Lily Midwifery.

Thank you for everything, Heather!

- Stephanie S.


I was a late transfer to Heather at 36 weeks after relocating to Utah. She welcomed my family and I with open arms into her practice & supported us with her years of knowledge and experience. Heather educated us on all our different options with newborn care & we felt extremely informed when making decisions. She coached me through the most beautiful home birth experience, fighting for me in moments I couldn’t fight for myself. She acted quickly and with confidence when my son was born with his cord wrapped many times & has gracefully supported me postpartum. I don’t plan to have any more children any time soon but working with Heather has made me think twice about that plan just so we can spend more time with her! She is a treasure, extremely intuitive & trustworthy. Definitely consider Heather when searching for your home birth midwife!
Thank you for everything, Heather!

- Ruthie I.


Working with Heather as our
Midwife has been amazing. She is truly a master in the art of birth, and helped assist and guide us through bringing our healthy and beautiful boy Django Earth-side. This was my second home birth, and I’m so happy I decided to work with Heather this time. She has many years of experience and is a mother of 5 herself. You can feel her wisdom and confidence in you knowing your own body and intuition in this incredibly natural human experience. Thank you Heather, we are so grateful for you, forever!
Thank you for everything, Heather!

- Jenifer M.

Birth Center & Home Birth Midwifery Care Salt Lake City, Utah

Sego Midwifery stands out from the competition through its unwavering commitment to redefining the childbirth experience

Unlike conventional approaches,

we prioritize and celebrate the beauty of normal physiological birth, fostering a transformative and personalized journey for each family in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sego Birth Suite provides a unique sanctuary for this intimate process, blending expertise with compassion. With a mission to empower and support, we set ourselves apart by creating a community where the extraordinary nature of every birth is not just acknowledged but cherished.


We invite you to connect with us at Sego Midwifery! 

Your journey towards a transformative and personalized birth experience begins here

Whether you have questions, seek guidance, or wish to explore the possibilities of embracing a beautiful, physiological birth, our compassionate team in Salt Lake City, Utah, is here for you. Reach out and let's start this extraordinary journey together. Your dreams of a unique and empowering birth center or home birth experience are just an email or call or text away.

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."

Rajneesh (Osho)


Whether you're curious about our approach to natural home birth, the unique features of Sego Birth Suite, or the personalized care we offer, this space is designed to illuminate and guide you through the intricacies of our exceptional midwifery practice. Explore the wisdom and clarity you seek as you embark on this extraordinary chapter of your life.


Is if safe to have my baby at a home or in a free standing birth suite?

Outcomes of Planned Homebirths with Certified Profesional Midwives; Large Prospective Study in North America, 2005
Planned home birth for low risk women in North America using Certified Professional Midwives was associated with lower rates of medical intervention but similar intrapartum and neonatal mortality to that of low risk hospital births in the United States

Birth Outcomes for Planned Home and Licensed Free Standing Birth Center Births in Washington State, 2021
Women who intended at the start of labour to have a home birth with a Certified Professional Midwife had a low rate of intrapartum and neonatal mortality, similar to that in most studies of low risk hospital births in North America. A high degree of safety and maternal satisfaction were reported, and over 87% of mothers and neonates did not require transfer to hospital.

“This study quantifies maternal and perinatal outcomes for a large contemporary cohort of planned community births meeting eligibility criteria in Washington State, where midwifery is
well-established and regulated and midwifery data collection is mandated by law. Overall, we found low cesarean birth rates (4.7%), high physiologic birth rates (85%), high breastfeeding
rates (93%) and low rates of complications. The perinatal mortality rate in this cohort was comparable with other international settings, defined as high-income countries where
community birth and community midwifery are an established part of the health care system. Importantly, rates of maternal and newborn adverse outcomes were similar for planned home and birth center births.”


Whether you're curious about our approach to natural home births, the unique features of the Sego Birth Suite, or the personalized care we offer, this space is designed to illuminate and guide you through the intricacies of our exceptional midwifery practice. Explore the wisdom and clarity you seek as you embark on this extraordinary chapter of your life.


Do you offer water birth and is it safe?


The Cochrane review found evidence that laboring in water reduces the use of epidurals and spinals for pain relief. Warm water immersion can diminish stress hormones, and decrease
pain sensation. It directly reduces pain by increasing the body’s natural pain relievers (endorphins) and can ease muscle tension that occurs with labor. It allows the mother to relax between contractions.

Further, the Cochrane Collaboration review of water birth in three randomized, controlled trials (RCTs) shows “no research that demonstrates adverse effects to the fetus or neonate.”


Can my family be present for the birth at the birth suite?


Normal undisturbed birth requires a high level of privacy. Those first babies can typically take a long time. We are not equipped for long hours of hosting extended family members while ensuring your privacy. Staff does not provide childcare. We also want to ensure privacy of a potential second birthing mother onsite. It is our recommendation that family members make accommodations to wait offsite and meet you at home in the hours after birth. If you are attached to inviting extended family members to your birth, we advise you to invite them during the pushing stage. We discuss this extensively in prenatal care and make wise plans together. 


Whether you're curious about our approach to natural home births, the unique features of the Sego Birth Suite, or the personalized care we offer, this space is designed to illuminate and guide you through the intricacies of our exceptional midwifery practice. Explore the wisdom and clarity you seek as you embark on this extraordinary chapter of your life.


Do you offer pain management during births?

Hydrotherapy has been shown to decrease the pain of labor, so we encourage our clients to take advantage of our spacious showers and bathtubs. We also have birth balls, birth stools,
rebozos and yoga slings. These aids, along with changing positions often helps you manage labor naturally. 


Can I eat and drink during labor?

We have a small kitchen and you have access to the refrigerator, microwave and tea kettle. You are welcome to bring your own snacks. We have light non-perishable nourishment on hand. You are welcome to bring whatever you wish or DoorDash to the Birth Suite. 


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